Why Learn Marathi?

Give them a competitive edge - Studying a second language is proven to have many benefits, such as:

  • It can improve your skills in Math and English besides improving your analytical and interpretive abilities.
  • When you study a language, you learn about how to learn a language, so learning the next one is easier. This is even more true for a variety of Indian languages. When we learn Marathi, we are moving a step closer to other Indian languages.

Give them an Identity

  • As part of Indian and Marathi diaspora, there are definite challenges that our children face every day. While we want to assimilate in this great melting pot, there are various differences and without a firm identity, they can cause tremendous conflicts in an impressionable mind. Mother tongue and the cultural wealth that comes with it can help provide that identity and confidence which will allow them to have right perspective to succeed in this society.

Connect with the culture

  • Learning Marathi will allow them to explore the country and its people when they are visiting India. Language is the gateway to a culture. Without it they will be lost in India and will not be able to connect.
  • Learning our mother tongue will allow them to communicate with their grand parents more freely and share their knowledge and wisdom.
  • Language and culture are highly intertwined. In order to understand our roots and culture we need to understand our language first. The world has now started to realize the wisdom in Yoga, Pranayam, Dhyan and other traditional techniques in India. We have a more direct access to these ancient techniques through our language.
  • All the Indian languages hold a vast reservoir of spiritual wisdom that can not be easily translated to English. Marathi, specifically, has tremendous wealth of Santa Vangmaya - the abhang, bhajan and ovi. We are really fortunate to inherit this wisdom and must make every effort to pass it on. In an increasingly unstable, violent and materialistic world, they do provide a different perspective to life.