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Shishu Varg - Classwork and Homework

Date Classwork Homework
11/07/2011 We had a Diwali special class. We did a craft-Akash Kandil in the class and asked the kids how they celebrated their diwali - Ladoo, Jilabi, Fatake and a visit to the Temple. We also discussed how they celebrated Halloween with candies and their costumes and introduced a word - Bhopla(pumpkin) to them. Kids decorated the Akash Kandil with lots of stickers and had a fun day!!!
  • Badbad geet: Mi Jar Zalo Raja
  • Gosht: Ram ani Ravan
  • Coloring page: Baal Hanuman
  • Color for the day: Keshari
  • Animal for the day: Maakad aani hareen
  • Color for the day: kaLa
  • Animal for the day: Mani and pille. (Coloring page sent home)
  • Badbad geet for the day: Maoochi pille.
  • Story for the day: Mi kheer khalli tar bud ghagri.
  • Introduction of teachers and kids.
  • Activities for this summer like India visit, swimming, playdates etc; which made the kids talk and open-up.
  • Indroduce the rules in the class.
  • Ganpati badbad geet - Gora Gora Pan, Chota chota Chaan....
  • Ganapti Bappa story - Race around the globe between Ganapati and kartikeyan.
  • Ganapti coloring page.
  • Color for the day - Red (Ganapti's favourite color).
  • Animal for the day - Mouse, ganapati's ride.
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