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Dusari Varg - Classwork and Homework

Date Classwork Homework
  • Find meanings of 5 mhani supplied and find 2 new mhani. Come prepared with stories to explain the meaning.
  • Discussed the passage "Ek ravivaar asaa aalaa" in the context of children's role in the household chores.
  • Learnt new poem - Ichchhaa.
  • Answer the question below the poem.
  • Learnt new passage: Ek ravivaar asaa aalaa page 1 and page 2 .
  • Grammar revision.
  • Learnt new passage: peroochi phod page 1 and page 2 .
  • Kids put a skit together from the lesson and performed in all other classes.
  • Answer the question at the back of lesson.
  • Trace pages 16/17 of the Vikas Akshar Olakh book.
  • We held the historical story telling competition in the class. All students had prepared very well. Congratulations to everyone on your great performance. Winners of the competition were - Abha Upadhye and Chaitanya Kathpatal.
  • No homework.
  • Vikas Akshar Olakh - pages 10 and 11.
  • Read new passage: kharee kamai.
  • Activity in two groups: Write name/animal/place/color/fruit/flower starting with a letter.
  • Answer questions below the passage.
  • Complete Vikas Akshar Olakh - pages 12 and 13.
  • Project due for January 8: Historical story telling competition will be held in the class on January 8th rules will be as follows. First 3 best performers will be given prizes. We need 2 parent volunteers as judges.
    • Tell a story from history in Marathi.
    • Duration 3 minutes (15 sec margin).
    • True story from world history of last 500 years.
  • Reviewed last week's homework.
  • Discussed the meaning of 'bhau' and 'beej.'
  • Told a story about a stag and his imperfect beliefs - सुंदर काय?
  • Seven vocabulary words of the story to be shared next week were provided (kaaLaji, viheer, ghamaghum, etc.)
  • Write four sentences about Thanksgiving.
  • Study the vocabulary words.
  • Learnt a new poem - Diwali.
  • Discussed Diwali experiences like - faral, fire crakers, making fort, etc.
  • Played crossword puzzle.
  • Constructed a story one line at a time.
  • Answer the questions given below the poem Diwali.
  • Complete pages 8 and 9 from Vikas Akshar Olakh.
  • Started new lesson Birbal story.
  • Revision of joint sounds (jodakshre).
  • Answer the questions given below the lesson Birbal.
  • Memorize poem God Paus.
  • Each student talked about what he/she did during Summer vacation.
  • Revised barakhadi and few words.
  • Studied poem God Paus.
  • Played a word game.
  • Answer the questions given below the poem "God Paus."
  • Revise barakhadi.
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