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Pahili Varg - Classwork and Homework

Date Classwork Homework
  • Learned new poems - kharutai and popat.
  • Checked and talked about the homework - Two sentences of each tense - past, present and future.
  • Practiced mulakshara.
  • Rashi's grandma told a story.
  • Practice mulakshare and barakhadi.
  • Memorize poems.
  • We talked about spring break activities in Marathi.
  • Practiced saying and writing marathi alphabets. Played a game of starting different words from some of the alphabets which everybody knows.
  • Taught the concept of present, past and future tenses. We played a game of telling sentence of each tense to the class.
  • Revised the concept of gender differences while talking and we practiced saying different sentences.
  • Rashi's grandma told a story.
  • Prepare two sentences of each tense - present, past and future.
  • Played the game - "Shivaji mhanato."
  • Fill in the banks for barakhadi.
  • Rashi's grandma told a story.
  • Learned a new poem.
  • checked the homework (u, o, au).
  • Read the new lessions am and aha.
  • Practice barakhadi and write 5 words of am and aha.
  • We did the remaining story telling for kids who did not participate in the last class.
  • Reviewed alphabets and kids wrote all from a to dnya. Everybody practiced writing their own name also.
  • We played a game where I was drawing a picture on the board and they have to come up with different words in the picture.
  • Rashi's grandma told a nice story to kids.
  • Please bring a blank notebook to the class.
  • Write all alphabets.
  • Practice reading all the earlier passages given in the class before with your parents.
  • I checked the home work. Most of them told 5 vegetables names. They did come up with two sentences regarding "avadane."
  • We finished passages of उ, ऊ, आणि ए. Explained the new words in it to everyone.
  • We played "Shivaji mhanato" and revised all marathi words while playing.
  • Rashi's aaji told all the children one marathi gane and one gosht of Nila Kolha.
  • Practice all the alphabets as there will be test in Jan 8 class.
  • Read all the passages from अ to ए with your parents' help.
  • Preapre one story in Marathi with at least 10 sentences and draw a picture supporting the story. That is a project for the winter break.
  • We read passage for "ee." Explained the meaning of new words.
  • Told one story of makad va don manjare to children. Raghav told one marathi story too.
  • We played a game of asking questions to each other. e.g. tula kuthali bhaji aavdate? So the answer will be mala bhendi chi bhaji aavadate. Also discussed names of different vegetables and their colors.
  • Played a game of Shivaji Mhanato and played one game of identifying a picture and talking about the picture.
  • Revise all the lessons from a to ee at home.
  • Tell five names of vegetables in marathi.
  • Ask your parents about their favorite ice cream flavour and favorite bhaji.
  • "इ"चा धडा वाचला. आत्तापर्यंत झालेले सर्व धडे परत वाचले.
  • बाराखडी म्हणली, वाक्ये बोलण्याचा सराव केला.
  • अंकांचा खेळ खेळला.
  • मुलांनी काही इतर मुलांच्या मुलाखती घेतल्या.
  • दोन गोष्टी सांगितल्या - मनीमाऊ, कावळा व कोल्हा.
  • गाणी म्हणली - खबडक खबडक, एक होती इडली.
  • "अ" ते "इ" पर्यंत सर्व धडे घरी वाचणे.
  • बाराखडीचा सराव करणे. पुढच्या वेळी "अ" ते "ज्ञ" लिहिण्याची परीक्षा आहे.
  • वही आणि "विकास अक्षर ओळख" हे पुस्तक वर्गात घेऊन येणे.
  • अ आणि आ चे धडे वाचले.
  • गोष्ट सांगितली - "सुंदर काय?"
  • खेळ खेळले: कावळा भुर्र... हत्ती? श्रीखंड खाऊया... लोखंड?
  • मुलांनी मुलाखत घेतली - अवनी.
  • नवीन धडे अनेकदा वाचणे.
  • बाराखडी म्हणून घेणे.
  • आम्ही बोलताना प्रतिबिंब हा नवीन शब्द सिकला. त्याचे एक छान वाक्य तयार करून आणणे.
  • कविता: एक होती इडली
  • नवीन धडा: "फणस" - वर्गात २/३ वेळा वाचला.
  • दिवाळी आणि दिवाळीच्या पदार्थांची चर्चा केली.
  • खेळ: "शिवाजी म्हणतो" मधून अवयव ओळख
  • फणस धडा वाचून येणे.
  • रोज घरी प्रार्थना म्हणणे.
  • अक्षर उजळणी - अ ते ज्ञ.
  • Practiced telling five things about yourself in five sentences.
  • Revised a te jna marathi alphabets on flashcards.
  • Mrunal told chidren one short story.
  • Form five sentences about "diwali cha pharal."
  • Practice writing marathi alphabets in marathi akshar olakh.
  • Read a small story with parents at home and talk few sentences about the story in the class.
  • Revised letters a to jna.
  • Everybody practiced writing their name in Marathi on the whiteboard.
  • Used falshcards of marathi letters and practiced them with small groups.
  • We played a game of writing one marathi alphabet on white board.
  • We had a game and a story time.
  • Practise writing vowels in the book provided.
  • Practice writing your name (first and last).
  • Read Marathi story book with parents and complete the reading log.
  • Introduction of everybody.
  • Revision of alphabets, marathi fruit & vegetable names.
  • Revision of names for days, colors.
  • Story time - "Lali Kombadi."
  • Everyone should revise marathi alphabets at least five times at home.
  • Practice writing your own name in marathi.
  • Please bring akshar olakh book if you have it from last year.
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