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Pahili (Vrinda & Niteen) - Classwork and Homework

Date Classwork Homework
  • Practice writing your name in marathi.
  • Finish pages for first two letters in the alphabet from the book which was given on first day.
  • Leave your first message in marathi on the voicemail getting help from your parents.
  • Revised marathi alphabets.
  • Practiced last class question-answers.
  • Taught a few new sentences.
  • Played two simple games to practice sentences & words.
  • leave a message on the voice mail box.
  • Revise the sentences we taught in the class.
  • Practiced sentences with simple presesnt. Discussed in detail many sentences with tu, ti, te, tumhi and amhi.
  • Reviewed all the alphabets. Discussed words starting from a to ee. Explained vowel & consonant with examples of kids own names.
  • Revised all alphabets. Learnt new words starting with "e" and "ai."
  • Introduced new words and asked students to use them in a sentence - Aai, Baba, Mi, Tu, Maze, Mala, Maza, Hat , Pay, Sakal, Dupar, Sandhyakal, Ratra.
  • Practiced saying a few sentences in simple past using to & ti. We translated a Shivaji's story in groups.
  • Construct five sentences each of simple present & simple past tense. Tell these sentences in the next class.
  • Leave message also in which they will use present & past tenses or use new words we learnt in the class.
  • Revised all alphabets.
  • Leave two messages reciting the full alphabet.
  • Write your name, your janma tithi, location of Mahabharat war, the Ugam of Ganga, Yamuna and Mississippi-Missouri, and the first stanza of Pasayadaan.
  • Recited the Marathi alphabet.
  • Read, discussed, sang, and danced to the first stanza of 'Mamachya Gawala Jaooya'.
  • Leave two messages reciting the full alphabet.
  • Listen to the song 'Mamachya gawala jaooya.'
  • Reviewed homework and Marathi Months.
  • We learned poem Ughad Pavasa. We learned many new words in that poem and constructed sentences using them.
  • Leave two messages reciting the full alphabet. Also include in your message 2 sentences each of simple present, simple past and simple future tense using various verbs.
  • Write one sentence each using words - Ughad, Phulpaakharu, Vaaraa, Paaoos, Unch.
  • Sang Mamachya Gavala song singing new lines. We explained the meaning of new lines. Then learned new words in it - Kaka, Kaki, Mama, Mami, Bhau, BaheeN, Aatya, Maawashi etc.
  • We also learned names of fruits in Marathi.
  • We completed the meaning of remaining poem Ughad Pavasa.
  • Recite first six lines of Ughad Pavasa.
  • Write ten names of sweets in Marathi. Make & eat shikraN at home during winter break.
  • Leave a message on voicemail of first four lines of Mamachya gavala song.
  • Learned new marathi words - palang, kapade, kholi, khelani, kangava, aarasa etc.
  • Practiced counting numbers in marathi up to 25.
  • Sang first few lines of Ganapati Aarati. Everybody participated in describing one sentence about Ganapati.
  • Practiced writing simple words as Motha, Chhota, Modak, Sond, Undir, Pot, Mugut.
  • Learned new poem Ek hoti idli which everybody understood and liked.
  • Practice writing any five marathi alphabets.
  • Leave a message on our voicemail with Ganapati Aaarati (at least first four lines) and Ughad Pavasa Kavita.
  • Practice five senetnces using new words and say them in front of the class.
  • Reviewed the homework. Everyrbody was able to say five sentences. Half of the class was able to sing first four lines of Ganapati Aarati! Awesome!
  • Learned new marathi words - taaTali, bhaanDe, chamachaa , cup, bashi, varaN-bhaat, bhaaji, aamati etc.
  • Played a game of translating english sentences in marathi.
  • Write five sentences using the new words we learnt in last class. Try to use the word "barobar" while making sentences. For example, "Mi Bhata barobar varan khalle."
  • Leave messages with any marathi poem which we have learnt so far in class.
  • Practice writing your full name.
  • Translated the hair and the tortoise story in Marathi.
  • Learned new numbers from 31 to 50.
  • Reviewed names of days like somwar, mangalwar etc.
  • Practiced saying sentences in simple present and simple past.
  • Played a game of saying a word from a given alphabet.
  • Learned new Marathi words for various vegetables and meaning of some English words in Marathi as trick, fence, race, win, rabbit, tortoise, etc.
  • Write five sentences using the new words we learnt in last class.
  • Leave messages with numbers from 1 to 31 and all Marathi war.
  • Started reading Marathi story Felicita. Everbody was able to understand and they learned new words.
  • Played a game of saying sentences in different tenses.
  • Practiced saying number up to 100.
  • Make five sentences using these new words we learnt in the lesson today - shoor, dhaaDasi, sarovar, naav, palikaDe, naavaaDi, chaalavaNe, bhar-bhar, uDi, helakaave, kaaTh, ulaTane.
  • Work on saying 10 sentences on any topic they like.
  • Practice reciting Ganapati aarati.
  • Reviewed the homework. All children practised their writeups for their presentations.
  • Practised various time representations (kaal, aaj, udya, sakaal, doopar, sandhyakaal, diwas, ratra, diwas, athawda, maheena, varsha).
  • Practiced saying number up to 100.
  • Complete your presentations. Memorize the sentences as much as possible, prepare a poster/chart/show & tell artifact.
  • Practice the first stanza of Ganapati Aarati and the prayers we recite at the beginning of the class.
  • Parents, please help the kids with their presentations at home. And on Sunday 20th at 4.30 pm come, encourage, and enjoy the children trying their Marathi skills.
  • This week we discussed Gudhi Padwa, Indian calendar months, and tithi.
  • Practiced saying number up to 100. We practised writing daha te shambhar in Marathi.
  • We attempted reading books.
  • Write your name ten times, write the words 'pournima' and 'amavasya' ten times.
  • Continue reading at home.
  • Leave a message stating your birth tithi and Indian calendar month, and read a passage from what you are reading.
  • For next class: Bring in the book you have been reading at home. Do not forget to bring something to write in, and to write with.
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